Moneyback Guarantee

Regardless of the fact that you can test our service for free within up to 24 hours we have taken the bold step — we offer a 7-day money back guarantee after the purchase. We are confident in the quality of our service and you may be confident in us.

Refund policy

To take advantage of the offer one should consider some peculiarities and rules of our refund policy:

  • The period of warranty shall start from the date of purchase.
  • The refund opportunity may be used only once during the entire period of use.
  • Not more than 500 MB of data transferred through VPN.
  • No violations of the Terms and Conditions of Use and no complaints regarding your work via VPN up to the date of refund.
  • This offer is available only for purchases with the vailidity duration equal to 30 days and more.
  • This offer is not available for additionally leased personal IP addresses.

Payment systems fees

PayPal ..........................

no fee

Paymentwall ..............

from 5% to 15% fee depend on used payment system.

DengiOnline ...............

from 6% to 10% fee depend on used payment system.

Direct payments .......

fee of the system a direct payment was conducted through (please clarify this by contacting either the payment system support or our manager)

How to request a refund

To request a refund please use the contact form on our website including the following information:

  1. The message subject should be "Warranty refund";
  2. Your valid email address for us to reply;
  3. Your code, the reason of refund request (in any format) and any other commentaries.

Refund time frames:

  • E-payments and direct payment — 7-14 days.
  • Bank cards — 14-30 days (depends on how long your bank processes the payment).

The 7-day refund warranty is valid from the date of publication (February 20, 2012) and covers purchases made with the confirmation (pressing of the "Purchase" button) of reading and accepting the refund policy and terms of service.